By Kevin Smith

A Quick Read for Busy Parents


Your Child


In Challenge Your Child, Kevin Smith provides a powerful teaching technique designed to help parents take an active role in their child’s education.

You Are Your Child’s Most Important Teacher

Designed to be used with children of all ages, the book will teach you how to assess what your child knows or needs to learn, and then provide you with a series of techniques to increase your child’s knowledge and understanding of any topic they’re currently learning.


A Book for All Ages

The book is broken down by age group and provides many examples to give a long view on what you can accomplish over the years. The book is also set up for quick review so you can see the type of interaction you can have with children of a particular age, including:

  • The Very Young
  • Pre-school, Kindergarten
  • Primary
  • Intermediate, Junior High
  • High School and beyond


the Blog

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“Kevin Smith wrote an excellent book which provides parents an easy-to-read, common sense approach to teaching children of all ages. By using questions, this book makes educational communication much easier for parents and children while helping to develop critical thinking and learning skills.” 

John Sturtevant
Educational Consultant

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