“Kevin Smith has written a vitally useful book for all of us who are striving today for a peaceful life within our families.  I hope you will explore its potential for you and your family.”

Dr. Jane Vella
Global Learning Partners, former CEO

During their school years, your child will have many teachers. Many of these professional educators will have a great impact on your child’s life, but most of them will come and go. Only you, the parents, are there for the duration.

And that makes you the most consistent and important person in your child’s educational journey.

A Practical Guide to Accelerating Your Child’s Development

Challenge Your Child is designed to be simple and easily applied to any level of education. The technique is based on a series of questions that you can use to help your child better understand what they’re learning in school:

Open-ended questions

  • Open-ended questions will help you assess what your child knows, has been taught or needs to learn.  

Follow-up questions

  • Follow-up questions will challenge your child to think, problem-solve and verbalize creating a deeper understanding of a concept. 

By the time you complete this booklet, you will be able to:

•  Create educational dialogue with children of any age and learning capability, anytime, anywhere.

•  Understand the question types that are the drivers of Challenge Your Child and how to use them to create educational dialogue.

•  Use these question types and
repetition to challenge your child to
think, problem solve, and verbalize

•  Create a positive, supportive learning

•  Work towards turning “I can’t do it”
into “I can.”

•  Accomplish all these goals with
minimal planning time, materials and
expense: just you, your child, materials
on hand, and dialogue!

About Kevin

Kevin Smith, a former teacher and adult educator has written a book to help parents take a more active role in their child’s education.  Challenge Your Child is intentionally short, designed to be read in one evening.  Kevin gives many examples of how you can create educational opportunities and dialogue with children of all ages.  Kevin also provides a long view of what can be accomplished over the years.

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