Dialogue Education is learning through conversations or interactions. To encourage Dialogue Education between parents and children, Kevin Smith has written a book called Challenge Your Child to help parents challenge their children to think, problem-solve and verbalize.

Parents face many challenges when it comes to their child’s learning. People often ask, “How Can I Help My Child Learn?” In his book, Kevin explains the Challenge Your Child process and gives many examples of how to challenge children of all ages and learning levels, from 2-3 years old through High School age. Once you learn the Challenge your Child process, Kevin says, “Start by setting a simple goal: engage in a question-answer session with your child at least once every day and build up from there to perhaps a couple of interactions per day. You can have these educational interactions in a wide variety of situations, such as in the car, at dinner, before bed, and especially during structured homework time. (It will result in you making greater contributions to your child’s educational experience and enjoying your shared learning time!).


Kevin Smith is a former teacher, adult educator, and author of Challenge Your Child. Based in Chicago,
Smith spent 10 years teaching history at both middle and high school levels. Father of two and a proud
grandfather of two, Kevin had a 30-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, where he was deeply
involved in adult education. Kevin wrote Challenge your Child for busy parents who want to take a more active role in their child’s education.

Get a copy of Challenge Your Child. The skills and examples within will help you easily assess what your child knows and needs to learn. You will learn how you can make significant contributions to your
child’s education with minimum planning time, materials and expense. All you need is you, your child,
our book, and dialogue!

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