I am a divorced/separated parent or a parent who travels constantly and don’t always see my child daily.  How can I use Challenge your Child skills?

As mentioned previously, despite times of separation, Challenge your Child skills can help you have daily or frequent educational interactions by phone, Face-time, or another video platform, if available.  In this book, there are several examples for children of all ages to serve as a guideline for discussions.  As you begin your daily conversations, you might have 2-3 Open-ended questions ready to go, focusing on your child’s age level and area of academic focus.  The Follow-ups you create will come naturally based on your discussion and will add to your child’s depth of knowledge. Repetition, if needed can follow over several discussions.  If you do this, you will learn more detail about the academic challenges your child is focused on currently and you can be a great resource to help.  You will find your conversations last longer and have more depth. You might also find that your child begins to view you as a resource who can help with academic challenges and aid in improving performance. You will enjoy a very positive and rewarding feeling about your contributions to your child’s education growth despite being separated for periods of time.

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