Starting with Preschool and continuing through High School, your child may have between 50 to 75 teachers guiding their education.  Most of these teachers will change each year.  In addition to the many teachers and annual changes, teaching experience and teaching styles will vary greatly. You can be sure your child’s school or school district will do all it can to ensure educational continuity through its curriculum,  but will that be enough for your child?  What plan do you have in place to help ensure what your child is being taught by so many different individuals is fully learned and understood?

This is a question that is rarely discussed.  That said, having such a person (You!) with a solid plan to help build this academic foundation can make a major difference in your child’s attitude toward learning and success in school. You are key in helping to build a strong academic foundation for your child.

Most teachers in your child’s life will come and go.  Many will have a great impact. That said, you are there for the duration.  Your willingness to get involved on a daily or regular basis, even before your child starts school, can have a long-term impact on your child’s academic confidence.

Challenge your Child can help you build on the great work teachers will do to educate your child.  Open-ended questions will help you assess what your child knows, has been taught, or needs to learn.  Follow-up questions will challenge further, adding to your child’s depth of knowledge and understanding.  Consistent use of these two question types can create the challenge and repetition opportunities needed to ensure your child has a greater understanding of any topic you choose to discuss or reinforce from schoolwork.  You can play a major role in helping with your child’s education.

Please review Challenge your Child to learn how you, as a parent, can use the skills within to help in creating a positive and productive learning environment.  Your regular involvement will create the continuity needed to help your child better understand how all they are being taught, by many teachers, can come together to help them excel in school and beyond.

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