It can be difficult for busy parents to find time and productive ways to become actively involved in their child’s education. If you have this concern, Challenge Your Child can be your support system. This book is a quick read for busy parents who want ideas on the type of questions they can ask to assess what their child knows and needs to learn. The skills and examples within will lead to enjoyable and productive educational conversations between you and your child.  You can help to build your child’s knowledge base and academic confidence through consistent use of educational dialogue.

Challenge Your Child has been designed with a powerful teaching technique to help parents and caregivers take an active role in their child’s learning. As you start engaging in this very simple dialogue process with your child, you will learn how to create a positive, supportive learning environment, and most importantly, you’ll be able to nurture your child to develop an “I Can” attitude for learning and academic challenges. The Challenge your Child skills, when used every day, can contribute significantly to your child’s knowledge and understanding of any topic you choose through daily conversations.


















As Amadeus Wolfe, says, “Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.” So, take your child on this incredible adventure of conversation with the help of our book and experience the joy of being more actively involved in your child’s education.

Head to our website Challenge Your Child to buy a copy now and learn to use open-ended questions and follow-up questions to create incredible conversations that foster learning and increased understanding. Our book is ideal for all ages, from 2-3 years old through High School age. The skills within are also helpful in assisting with homework reviews and test preparation.

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